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Kevin Netz is a commercial photographer with deep midwestern roots and an editorial eye sought after by creative directors from all over the country.

Starting a shooting career and a family in Detroit at the height of the Great Recession earned him a master's degree in high-pressure hustling. There he learned that clients are won through hard work and showing up differently than everyone else. These formative years engrained in Kevin a true appreciation for the projects that come his way and a sense of duty to deliver images that capture each client's vision.

Kevin returned home to Milwaukee in 2010 to join Kohl's as a staff shooter. There he got a PHD in aggressive production schedules and high quality standards. Armed with the skills necessary to balance his client's needs for beautiful imagery and content that works across a variety of mediums, Kevin established his own studio in 2012. And he's been off to the races ever since.


Stern Rep
Andrea Stern

in Detroit: Midcoast Studio
Matt Armstrong


Kevin Netz Photography
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